Wicked Attraction

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“You have a beautiful face and nice eyes,” I told her. By this I meant her bust and boobs.

“Are you tuning me?” she asked, “Because I am older than your mother…”

“How about dinner, tonight,” I said, ignoring her completely. “Jo n’ Jo’s, nice place…”

“Are you asking me out on a date…?”
Jeez, what is it with her and question marks, I wondered.

“We can hang out then, in my crib,” I said, “As you wait for mom.”

“Your mother must hear this,” she said and turned to go, as though the threat was subtle enough. I zoomed in on her retreating back: tight ass. You wouldn’t believe at forty, with a couple of preteen brats she still was as modelesque as any Saturday Magazine cover girl.

I’m just graduating from teen hominess, you know. Testosterone boosters with cougars has turned me to a freak of nature. My father should be afraid of me. I’m Oedipus incarnate. Old is gold, right? They say, not me.

Linda’s turning me down was expected. Her moral compass points north, thanks to her Mavuno church brainwashing. But I go to that church too, ever since they put that sexy poster calling unto me and my ilk to go back to church to ‘harvest’ the goodies of Dame Church.

Well, this mom’s BFF was just a by the way. Just to tempt her. There is the one I am interested in, crazy about.

“Do you have an idea how intriguing it is to have what you can’t have?” I said, more of saying I will slap the devil a good one for the forbidden fruit.

 “Jared, I’m not attracted to you…”

“I am attracted to you.”

“Would I by any chance have forgotten to put on my ring?”

“No, no, no. It’s there…”

“Then what you are up to can’t be.”

“Can’t or won’t…”

I never saw the slap coming. Never mind she’s my mother’s younger sister.

Of Dreams and Passions

I dreamt, and I live my dream today. Reality is wrong. Dreams are real. With Tupac’s mind today I’m strong.Deep into that darkness peering, I stood there longwondering, fearing, dreaming

Sky Wars

“We must battle to save the Multiverse from aggressive take-over and annihilation by humans. Everything humans do is detrimental to their Universe and ultimately the Multiverse. Intelligence from the Inter-Galactic Intelligence Agency (IGIA) indicate that prototypes are at advanced stages.”
“Their aircrafts can now move between planets, their spaceplanes between galaxies,” the Inter-Galactic Clandestine Operations Commander said. “We need to send in saboteurs to make sure they crash after take-off.”

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