About Vincent de Paul

Born Samuel Vincent de Paul, Vincent de Paul is the Kenya’s bestselling flash fiction writer. He began writing while in high school where he participated in different national writing competitions. In 2010, his collection of poetry, First Words, won the Nairobi International Book Fair Literary Awards organized by the National Book Development Council of Kenya.

In 2013, he was long-listed for the Nigerian Belgian-based writer, Chika Unigwe Best Short Competition. His poetry was published in two anthologies: Black Communion, a publication of New Age African Writers in Nigeria in 2013 and Through the Journey of Hope by Writers Guild-Kenya in Kenya.

Vincent de Paul is a member of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) and a Permanent Member of the Writers Guild of Kenya.
He has a Diploma in Comprehensive Creative Writing from the Writers Bureau, UK and Proofreading and Copy Editing Course from the same institute.

Vincent de Paul writes genre/pop literature purely for entertainment.

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Vincent wows readers with his no-start-nor-no-end writing. By this I mean some tales just seem to be a continuation and as a reader you left to connect the dots while others just end in mere anxiety.

Eva Muturi
Eva MuturiReviewer

The stories are succinct and bravely told. What is more intriguing is the fact that the succinctness does not in any way hinder grave issues from addressed. They are beautifully woven with twists and turns that leave the reader in awe. Nicely plotted conflicts which thrive on suspense completely hooked me.

Verah Omwocha
Verah OmwochaAuthor | Editor | Reviewer

Nothing short of outstanding, Vincent De Paul really displays he's mastery of the flash fiction form. He's able to get hold of his readers from start to finish, you won't realise the book has ended, yet you crave for more.

Nyashadzashe Chikumbu
Nyashadzashe ChikumbuAuthor | Editor | Reviewer
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