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The Fundamentals of Strategic writing
A Guide to Goal-oriented, Objective, High-quality Visible Writing

Do you find writing—whether a correspondence letter, memo, formal email, or report—a challenge?

Writing may sound difficult, but it doesn’t have to be, especially focused, objective, and visible high-quality writing, regardless of your professional background or speciality.

This book will give you enduring fundamentals to help you produce accurate, concise, and clear information for your reader.

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Between her legs, she was patchouli: earthy and musky smell,           sweet yet smoky, a balance of sweetness and romance—           and for the rest of the night, I tasted her tanginess.

That night, I met my partner in crime, my confidant. Sharon had seen through my fakeness and called me to it. When we drank all her two six-packs of Guarana, she didn’t complain. When I French-kissed her, she blamed it on the alcohol.

We men never stop for women we are always on the move going somewhere else:           on to our next conquest,           a tighter squeeze,           a new adventure— Our heads staring at the noon sun like the breasts of a virgin at fifteen.

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“Nothing short of outstanding, Vincent de Paul really displays his mastery [...] He's able to get hold of his readers from start to finish, you won't realise the book has ended, yet you crave for more. ”
Nyashadzashe Chikumbu, Zimbabwe
Poet & Editor
“When I first read [Vincent de Paul's books] I felt that for once there exists a contemporary prose writer with a taste of the present.The author ventures into topical themes.”
Jerusha Kananu, Kenya
Poet & Theatre Expert
“The author did well in highlighting vices which are recurrent in the 21st century, not just in Kenya ... whatever he pens down always comes out terrifically excellent.”
Nancy Oyula, Kenya
Book Reviewer
“Vincent de Paul [is] a writer to watch out for when it comes to action thrillers. Every page was a hit, back to back! And I'm like if you want my 5 Star rating come and collect it.”
Nduka Ekeh, Nigeria
Poet & Critic

Kenya's Genre/Pop Writer

flash fiction stories, poems, novels, creative writing

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