Flights of Poetic Fancy

a Collection of Poems

A collection of whims, whimsical enchantments and impulsive imaginations that attack the mind beguiled into visions and fantasies. It is an aggregation of quarrels, musings, battles (rather not) fought, wounds and wooings, loves and agonies and all sorts possible nonsense and forgetfulness—anything and everything ghastly grim of the wandering mind—that possesses the mind and convinces it that no maxim and order has more sense than its thinking.

Flights of Poetic Fancy has a critical sensibility and humorous look at life, issues, and vice while challenging the invention of history and beliefs strongly held by a people rather falling into despondency.

From the award winning author of First Words, Flights of Poetic Fancy will leave you impishly amused yet reeling with ire and indignation.

Price: FREE eBook

ISBN: 978-1494303051

Publisher: Mystery Publishers

Date of Publication: 2 January, 2014


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