Inevitable Desires: First Love


Book One of the Inevitable Desires trilogy 

When her boyfriend goes missing without a trace, Hedwig Sanzi Joe is not prepared to face the reality. As she tries to understand what really happened, she is drawn into a vortex of a dark past, secrets, and betrayal.

Every step she makes, everything she does, is a terrible mistake with catastrophic outcomes in her life.

As she navigates through the murky waters of her new life, her dead boyfriend comes back to life at a time her marriage has hit the rocks. Hedwig has a fierce battle to fight—desires of her heart and the ticking bomb that’s her marriage.

Price: Ksh.799

ISBN: 978-9966-134-57-8

Publisher: Mystery Publishers

Date of Publication: 31 October, 2019


This is a book I recommend to all readers without reservations.

Jerusha Kananu
Jerusha KananuWriter | Film Enthusiast

In Inevitable Desires: First Love, Vincent de Paul is not relenting on his oars serves us another literary dish garnished with all the requisite ingredients that would leave the reader famished for more like an Oliver Twist ... I thought it was going to be another clichéd love story but boy was I wrong.

Nduka Ekeh
Nduka EkehReader

This is a thrilling action filled novel where love, betrayal, hatred, secrets and justice prevails.

Eva Muturi
Eva MuturiReviewer
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