Best Friend

In the afternoon of this day, Elizabeth’s Buick and Val’s Honda were in the garage. I cursed the senseless fiend for invading our privacy. The front door was locked, so I used the back door. As I entered, two floral bikinis caught my eye on the sunbathing decks at the swimming pool. Soft music played in the house and I was immediately aroused.
Halfway up the stairs to the bedroom I heard low soft moans and whispers. The door was ajar.

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Brown Sugar

The duty of law enforcement is lawbreaking, a circle of silent assent. Constable Charles Luigi Luiseno made the startling discovery

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Born in Curse

I have never stopped berating God for plonking me in the middle of humanity as the only child. You may

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Father’s Love

Growing up, my bedroom would be invaded by phantoms, battalions of my father’s doppelgangers that besieged the whole room and

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Sex on the Beach

Photo: A month after breaking my heart alongside my virginity, the man responsible for the crime committed the same

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