UPCOMING RELEASE: NOVEL – Inevitable Desires: First Love

Hedwig Sanzi Joe, aka Heddie, is an innocent high school girl who falls in love with a reformed criminal working in the church. When she becomes of age and decided to give the man of her dreams her heart, she doesn’t know that she has signed up for the greatest hurt, betrayal, and confusion she would ever experience.

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Unbroken Happiness

I woke up with a start. The smell of burning flesh congested the air. I did not know it was my skin singeing until I screamed in pain.
I’m dying. Oh God, please no. I can’t breathe.
My body gave to unknown force, and fell into a dark abysmal hole, head first.

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Best Friend

In the afternoon of this day, Elizabeth’s Buick and Val’s Honda were in the garage. I cursed the senseless fiend for invading our privacy. The front door was locked, so I used the back door. As I entered, two floral bikinis caught my eye on the sunbathing decks at the swimming pool. Soft music played in the house and I was immediately aroused.
Halfway up the stairs to the bedroom I heard low soft moans and whispers. The door was ajar.

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Brown Sugar

The duty of law enforcement is lawbreaking, a circle of silent assent. Constable Charles Luigi Luiseno made the startling discovery

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Born in Curse

I have never stopped berating God for plonking me in the middle of humanity as the only child. You may

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Our HOME is not yours

Response to Warsan Shire’s poem – Home galwaydailynews.com No one chases visitors from their home unlessthe visitors have overstayed their welcomeyou

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