66th U.S. President

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“Barack Obama campaigned on a platform of change,” Michelle Obama, Jr. said, her voice amplified a million times by the speakers. “And here I am campaigning on the same platform.”

There were cheers and ululations from her Republican supporters. All the way from mayor to governor to senator she had served her people well. Now, she thought, it was time for her to go for the top job.

“You wonder what change I am promising. Unlike all what politicians do, I am not going to dangle my bait for you to jump for. I am going to bring great change in this country once I am elected. My ‘Yes We Can’ slogan ain’t that of my ancestor, Barack Obama, the 44th U.S. President.

“The question is, would you trust me to bring change after you elect me, or before? And please don’t say ‘In God We Trust.’ I am asking you to trust me.”

This was the last campaign rally the Republican Party was holding before going into elections. Michelle Obama, Jr., a Nigerian-born American, was confident that she was going to be the first African U.S. female president. She was a descendant of the forty-fourth, and first black, president of America, Barack Obama.
She won with unprecedented votes, with over a million votes on her Democrat rival, a descendant of George Washington.

On the same day as when Barack Obama was inaugurated, she became the sixty-sixth President of the United States of America. Then, she made her first speech.

“We are, and we’ll always be, the United States of America,” she began her speech with words once used by Barack Obama. After thanking the people of America for electing her the president, she told the whole world what her ‘Yes We Can’ change platform was about.

“I must say that when I was the Mayor San Francisco, then Governor and Senator all through, I vowed to be a wind of change if, and when, I became the president. I am afraid that some quarters may feel that I am treading dangerous grounds, maybe wish you had not elected me as your president.”

Now, that caught everybody off guard. All the ululation died, and a thick blanket of silence descended upon the crowds, all waiting to hear what the president had to say.

“Today, as we celebrate this great and monumental step in the history of America, I am certain many among you may see what I am about to say as a threat, but I assure you it would not be so.

“It is something that I convinced myself that it’d be courageous to do, to see a world more peaceful, healthier and in bountiful harvests; kind of nirvana on earth.

“My vow was this: my leadership would be of absolute honesty, integrity and more in touch with those whom I am leading; create a home for everyone full of peace and love, happiness and freedom. Security is for all, not for a few, for this country belongs to us all, both the leaders and the led.”
A wave of disbelief spread through the astonished crowds, even from all over the world where people were glued to TV sets.

“If I lead the people who elected me, why should I be afraid of them, be surrounded by dozens of armed men and women to protect me? If only we could see the world in the eyes of a child, we would hold the earth in our arms.

“From now onwards, there’d be no Secret Service to protect me, the National Security Agency would not spy on any other country, the United States of America would not impose any policy on other countries, America would down all her nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, all WMDs would be destroyed, U.S. troops all over the world would withdraw ASAP, and USA would be a home to everyone. Peace, love and harmony need no NBCs, WMDs and violence.

“We claim to be leaders of the people, but what do we do? We are surrounded by accumulated wealth and vast riches, protected from those whom we call our fellow countrymen and brethren by elite commandos on taxpayers’ dime while all over the world are naked and hungry men, women and children.”
Everybody was silent you could have thought the whole world was in a post-Armageddon trance.

“White House is not my residence. My home, where Mrs. Smith and Tommy are neighbors is…. I am appealing to all leaders of the world to see it this way, a home we can live happily, carefree, freely and safely.

“This is my change, and ‘Yes, We Can!'”

Copyright ©Vincent de Paul, 2013.

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