Holy Crimes

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Holy Crimes is a collection of crimes of love, the little things lovers do oblivious, innocently, inadvertently, sometimes deliberately and guiltily.
The joys of love are compacted in the mystery behind the history love has written since time immemorial, it continues to write and shall write even in days to come.
When that one single day the lover wakes and feels fluttering like a butterfly, dancing like a dervish, butterflies rioting in them thence they commit the crimes.
When love ends and life has to continue, the lover commits the crimes.

Crimes of love, Holy Crimes, that the lover gets away with, and shall get away with.

Sex on the Beach

A month after breaking my heart alongside my virginity, the man responsible for the crime committed the same heinous act with my younger sister. We were living in Mombasa at the time, on a beach house at the very edge of the Indian Ocean overlooking its warm waters.

The Bootylicious Spy

Photo: sanamu.com According to the Nairobi urban dictionary, I am a socialite: a young beautiful woman with tantalizing titties (anterior), big ass (posterior) and no brains. Thanks to the (upcoming

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