Samantha Williams

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When I kidnapped myself, and send a ransom demand to my scumbag father, I did not expect he’d pay.
But guess he did!

I am now happy in my new home away from home; a high-rise apartment building I bought with the ransom.
Occasionally, I tune in to home TV stations and see my picture on the screens: ‘Melissa Young Aluoch, daughter of the media mogul and entrepreneur, Wilson Aluoch, is still missing despite the twenty million shillings ransom being paid…’ says the newscaster. 

With an abusive father, in all senses of the word, twenty years, I walked out last month. No one would have guessed – even my oh-so subservient mother – that the decision I had made was a decision too late. She never listened to me anyway.

Now, I am a citizen of another country – I not gonna say which one for security reasons – with a new life and identity.

They call me Samantha Williams over here.

Dope Mother

“My sweet children,” Mwanaisha told her children, “Work and read all the time. Do not be like me. You can’t salvage me. I am a goner.” “Mama, don’t say that,”

I Was Once Beautiful

At fifteen, my chest was a minaret calling men to worship;
fire burnt from the pit of my stomach, hot coals
and I forgot her words—
Educated girls fetch bigger dowry,
Uneducated is an oppressed wife
But stay in school long enough; the market is cruel to you.

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