Of Truths and Secrets

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I needed a shot of vodka, straight not shaken, James Bond style. If I didn’t get it in the next three minutes or so, I’d be teetotal for the rest of my life.

Talk of family secrets, and the truth, crawling out of the woodwork at the worst of times.

My mother had just told me the truth, and the most guarded secret, about my father.

What kind of a parent does that to their children? I was not only on overdrive but was also going bonkers.

I had always berated God for plonking me in the middle of humanity as the only child, no brother or sister to boss around.

The truth – and the secret – was that I was a staid erratum and product of paedophilia extended beyond consanguinity bounds over a protracted period of time.

No wonder mom hated me so much – I was the living nightmare that was her childhood.

Grandpa’s dad and mom’s my sister.

Secret’s out – mom gave birth to her brother.

Confessions of a Sexprenuer

Maisha Raha aims to create sex robots as much of a physical likeness to actual women but with more intelligence (albeit artificial) as technologically possible. My bots feel human to the touch; they mimic the movement of a real body, get real wet, and can talk to you more nicely than women nowadays. The good thing is that they cannot break up with you or walk out; no independence or anything that may disrupt the fantasy of total servitude. 

Miss Dependent

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