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  • Flashes of Vice: Vol I – Paperback

    A Collection of Flash Fiction Stories

    Flashes of Vice: Vol I is a collection of flash fiction stories, the first in a series of flash stories first published on Flashes of Vice, the author’s blog, within a duration of one year.

    The book touches on the vices affecting the society today: immorality, crime (kidnapping), payment of ransom, careless sexual relationships, murder, assassination, terrorism, etc.

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  • Flashes of Vice: Vol II – Paperback

    A Collection of Flash Fiction Stories

    The second installment of Flashes of Vice is about life on the fast lane; sex, money and crime – the holy trinity of life. Terrorists and their virgins; love, romance and marriage chastised.

    Flashes of Vice tells life as it is in short, punchy, thrilling stories. The switch is flipped on and off before you know what is happening, leave you wanting more and more – something you will never get.

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  • Flashes of Vice: Vol III – Paperback

    A Collection of Flash Fiction Stories

    Flashes of Vice: Vol III is a collection of flash fiction stories on terrorism, the distant near future, conspiracies, why aliens have beef with humans, and the scars of war.

    The stories begin and end without warning: like ‘Allah’s Open Letter to Terrorists’, or the story of the virgin girl who vowed never ever to have sex with terrorists in heaven. Or the serial killer military widow who kills her dead husband’s friends for revenge. Or the untold story of Jesus’s resurrection in ‘How Did the Dead Escape?’

    The stories take you into the future, a flash of alien invasion into the world, and the all-time-juicy conspiracies to make the world a better place.

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  • Holy Crimes – Paperback

    A Collection of Love Poems

    Holy Crimes is a collection of crimes of love, the little things lovers do oblivious, innocently, inadvertently, sometimes deliberately and guiltily.

    The joys of love are compacted in the mystery behind the history love has written since time immemorial, it continues to write and shall write even in days to come.

    When that one single day the lover wakes and feels fluttering like a butterfly, dancing like a dervish, butterflies rioting in them thence they commit the crimes.

    When love ends and life has to continue, the lover commits the crimes.

    Crimes of love, Holy Crimes, that the lover gets away with, and shall get away with.

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  • Twisted Times: Son of Man – Paperback


    Once a coffin robber, murderer and most wanted criminal, Kennedy Paul Maina walks away from his dark past. He used to run away from the police, runs away from the government he decided serve, then he runs away from himself.

    When he is exonerated of fraud charges, Kennedy goes to work for the British High Commissioner’s Office of Foreign Intelligence (OFI) where he spies on the government, something that brings a diplomatic imbroglio. Soon his life is in danger. He exiles to Israel only to run back to the country he had run from this time round running from himself.

    Just when he is thinking the church has offered him the solace he needed, everything tumbles down and his past comes to haunt him.

    For Kennedy, life is a twisty bastard.

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  • Twisted Times: Son of Man – Paperback


    The dead can’t rest in peace. The living are in danger. And one man’s run has begun.


    When Kennedy Paul Maina runs away from home, robbing the dead and crime becomes his life at the university where to survive he has to do what he must … and façade is a beautiful thing.

    He runs from the police as a criminal, runs from assassins, and ultimately runs from himself. Worse, the vengeance-ridden leader of the criminal gang he left is after him—he wants to make Ken’s life a living hell.

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