Sequel to Twisted Times: Son of Man

Why would you run from yourself? How fast can you run? For how long can you run? What could you be running from? Who could make you run? Where would your run? 

Ghosts of the past rally for a comeback, and what you have been running from catches up with you. 

In my newest novel, Kennedy Paul Maina has been on the run until:

There’s a Mysterious Murder: A man is killed in cold blood; the killer must be brought to book.

The Suspect is a Man With a Dark Past: For nine years, Kennedy Maina’s life has been uneventful until he leaves the church. Chaos plague his life when he is framed for murder, and unknown forces are against him.

And Ghosts of His Past are Back: As his past comes to haunt him, a ruthless, phantom killer is after Ken for revenge. It’s tragedy after tragedy and the ghosts of his past rally for a comeback.

Against the Backdrop of a Top Secret: Against a backdrop of conspiracies, drug trafficking and crime, powerful business cartels and a secret Brotherhood, blood is shed for selfish reasons.


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