At last, the three-course meal is ready, starting with First Love. I will be launching my latest novel, Inevitable Desires: First Love at the Multimedia Library of the Alliance Française de Nairobi on Saturday afternoon 25th January, 2020.

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Book One of the Inevitable Desires trilogy 

When her boyfriend goes missing without a trace, Hedwig Sanzi Joe is not prepared to face the reality. As she tries to understand what really happened, she is drawn into a vortex of a dark past, secrets, and betrayal.

Every step she makes, everything she does, is a terrible mistake with catastrophic outcomes in her life.

As she navigates through the murky waters of her new life, her dead boyfriend comes back to life at a time her marriage has hit the rocks. Hedwig has a fierce battle to fight—desires of her heart and the ticking bomb that’s her marriage.

Price: Ksh.799

ISBN: 978-9966-134-57-8

Publisher: Mystery Publishers

Date of Publication: 31 October, 2019

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