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Home of many nations
All in one accord,
People bound by one cord –
Peace, love and liberty,
Yon’ valley of splendour;
Joyfully we celebrate
United in common bond
By a love beyond compare
In earnest endeavour,
Label of our being;
Every heart with thanksgiving
Eagre of our freedom.
Kenya, our homeland
Energy revived, eyes set
New age, hope rife
Yen to build our nation
And the glory of our land.

Daddy’s Girl

“All evidence is pinned to you. It is your bulimic belly that is securely carrying a truckload of the drugs, your designer clothes that were concealing your junk, Miss Mule,” Inspector Lina said. “Not your dad’s, junkie. And if the grapevine is anything to go by, your father is retiring tomorrow. If I were you, I’d try to persuade Dad to chunk off part of his send-off package to get me the best criminal lawyers around. The judges might decide to get you a few years or a hefty fine, or both, which of course, Dad will pay, or you will rot in jail, and no one will appeal.”

Deaths of Right (Part II)

Take care of my children. His voice never left me. There were nights that I dreamed in such vivid detail that when I woke, I was confused, forgetting, for a fraction of a second, that I was in my bed. For the minutes that followed, the grief washed over me for the loss of a friend who had had my back, the uselessness of my life fighting for the imperialism of a country that didn’t care for me. Part of me wondered if the dreams would change, if one day they would be the same monochrome shadows of before Somalia.

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