Flashes of Vice: Vol II

a Collection of Flash Fiction stories 

The second book in the Flashes of Vice series, this installment is about life on the fast lane; sex, money and crime—the holy trinity of life. Flashes of terrorists and their virgins; love, romance and marriage chastised.

Flashes of Vice tells life as it is in short, punchy, thrilling stories. The switch is flipped on and off before you know what is happening, leave you wanting more and more—something you will never get.

Price: FREE eBook

Paperback: Ksh.400

ISBN: 978-1503277717

Publisher: Mystery Publishers

Date of Publication: 22 November, 2014


What is remarkable about Flashes of Vice: Vol III is that it isn’t just a potpourri of stale stories duplicated in numbers just to make a voluminous collection. Far from it. This particular collection is one that will have any reader spellbound by its intrigues and no-hold-bare-it-all prosaic aloofness.

Nduka Ekeh
Nduka EkehReader

No matter how short each story is, the thirst for more is real but the author knows his suspense very well and you left with the how-could-you-do-this-to-me-Vinny look.

Eva Muturi
Eva MuturiReviewer

This very thought-provoking and entertaining book is a collection of short stories which leave the reader wishing for more.  The author never disappoints. His style of writing is out of this world. This book is such a nice weekend read.

Nancy Oyula
Nancy OyulaReviewer